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Anti Clog Tablets Anti Clog Tablets
AT/C CDC Anti-Clog (Up to 5 Tons / 17kW) sold as single items. CDC anti-clog is a simple to use, yet highly effective biocide . This condensate drain pan treatment...
Jally® Strips Jally® Strips
These new strips remain stable at high temperatures, have more effective biocidal properties (which also works to stop the micro-organisms becoming immune) and are...
StayClean™ Mini Tablets StayClean™ Mini Tablets
StayClean™ Tablets are an inexpensive, easy-to-use condensate tray treatment. The tablets will control odours and prevent sludge build-ups and blockages in the...
StayClean™ Strips StayClean™ Strips
Condensate tray bacterial control treatment Prevents micro-organism growth in condensate trays Controls odours Minimises risk of blockages