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Wipes Wipes
EasyWipes™ are professional formulation handwipes containing powerful yet safe cleaning agents. These convenient wipes loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt, grease, grime,...
Abrasive Strips, Pads and Cloth Abrasive Strips, Pads and Cloth
A high quality aluminium oxide 120 grit abrasive cloth that can be used wet or dry thoroughly clean steel and copper tubing.
Silicon Sealants Silicon Sealants
Available in clear or white, DiversiTech Silicone sealants are 100% food grade and can be used in applications for continuous use up to 232°C. It is UV and water...
Seal Cords Seal Cords
The Parker Virginia line of insulation tapes, foams, and cords eliminates pipe sweating and heat loss and seals gaps. A full line of thermal transfer enhancing...
Sealing Compound Sealing Compound
Diversi-Gum is a non-hardening, non-corrosive sealing compound that is immediately paintable and has a temperature usage range between -4°C and 49°C. It is ideal for...
Loctite Sealants Loctite Sealants
Loctite branded sealants are available for general and specific sealing purposes.
Oiler Oiler
An all-purpose oiler with a 35cm telescoping spout. Squeeze-bottle action for general industrial use.
Electrical PVC Tape Electrical PVC Tape
Accessories and ancillaries to help you with powering up your refrigeration or air conditioning installation.
Aluminium Foil Tape Aluminium Foil Tape
An easy-to-handle aluminium tape that prevents heating and cooling losses and blocks odours and moisture. Has a 3 to 5 year shelf life and a working temperature range...
PTFE Sealing Tape PTFE Sealing Tape
PTFE sealants and tape are polytetrafluoroethylene products which allow deeper seating of the connection thread and also help the threads from seizing when being...
Cork Tape Cork Tape
For use on pipes or tubes on A/C units, refrigerated units and other similar types of applications. For hot or cold pipes. Stops dripping caused by pipe condensation....
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